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The Whiteleaf Child - eBook Copy

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Son of Deception - eBook Copy

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Son of Deception - SIGNED Physical Copy

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Champion of Justice
Summer 2024

Alyric and Book's adventure continues. Their mission is completed, they have found all those they sought, but their enemies have taken their home and destroyed their only means to free the eldar called Traveler-of-Worlds-Unknowable-and-Only-in-Wisdom-Dwelling. How will they triumph over the World Tyrant now?


I read Son of Deception and loved so much about it! The characters were interesting and I found myself frequently surprised by the plot twists and turns. I am very busy but it was easy and worth it to make time for this book.
S. Norman
If you enjoy fantasy, high fantasy, legends and myths, colorful characters and sweeping tales of adventure, then this book is written just for you. I could not put this book down... Really can't say enough about it; I'm an extremely picky reader... This book was flawless; furthermore, it was one of those books that once you're reading, you forget you're reading. I love when that happens! It's the reason I read to begin with: pure escapism and enjoyment. You'll find that here. Highly recommend.
V Holt
I am a huge fan of books that begin with something catastrophic... like the main character dying. You are kept on edge with adventures, secrets, and betrayal. It is definitely a book you pick up on a long weekend with a cup of coffee and cozy socks.
T mompoint

Son of Deception

Alyric is a Paladin of Justice, who lost his life fighting against a fallen angel.

A young librarian, who calls himself Book, died to protect a dangerous secret.

Many years after their deaths, both are brought back into the world and offered an ominous deal; if they release a powerful and ancient creature, wrongfully imprisoned, they will be granted a second chance at life.

The two new friends embark on a perilous mission where things aren’t always what they seem. Not everyone who claims to be a friend can be trusted. This includes the beautiful Winter Queen, a snarky shapeshifter with a deadly grudge, and a lonely elven necromancer who would like to be more than just friends.

Alyric and Book must find a way to break a vampire’s curse, and steal a priceless artifact from an evil king, all while uncovering the mysteries of their forgotten pasts.

But can Book, a demon’s child, and Alyric, a divine warrior, overcome their differences and learn to trust each other?

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